The Venue

Politics The Venue will be looking into many areas of politics in Britain today from NHS to social welfare, from military defence to state policing, from financial booms to national restrictions and much, much more. However, when ever we debate or discuss important subjects or report on ar- eas of national interest, we will see it as our duty to inject common sense back into the conversation by discussing the all important “other side of the story”. Great Britain The country, having voted for Brexit back in 2016, will finally get to experience the exciting future that awaits Great Britain as an independent country. We will be high- lighting and promoting the very best of Great Britain from the past, the present and on into the future. Watch out world Great Britain is back ! International International affairs are even more important to Great Britain now we are out of the European Union. The Venue will be following the renewal of old alliances important for the defence of our freedoms and our Democracy. Environment The environment will be getting a lot of attention. The Venue believes in a cleaner environment but we will report on its cult status, the real influence of C02 on our environment & the DISTRUCTIVE IMPACT the new Conservative Labour party’s “Green Deal” will have on everyone's life . Features Platform Entertainment: We will also be injecting a little Entertain- ment / humour onto our platform with sketches from the time when comedy really was comedy and a good old fashioned belly laugh was vital to the British people. Coveunism : (Covid Communism) Coveunism runs many Democratic West- ern societies now. What was only meant to last three weeks to, “flatten the curve”, has now morphed into a spurious Covid 19 health related state control of our lives. “ Coveunism ”, is this the “new normal” ! Marxism: They failed to destroy Great Britain in the 60’s and 70’s & we soon forgot about them. However, through the 80’s they plotted & made plans, finally activating them in the 90’s. NOW THEY ARE WINNING ! ?