bella dea

R-E-L-A-X Hello and welcome! This year I have started to think even more about how I will try to make an effort to just simply relax between my work and personal commitments, without feeling guilty or as if I ‘should’ have to be doing something, whilst taking a more mindful approach to my every day chores and even relaxa- tion. For example, do you ever get excited about watching your favourite movie but then find your mind wandering or that you remember that thing you forgot to do? Then instead of relaxing you start thinking about other things instead of what you wanted to do. I try to notice when this happens then bring my mind back to what I wanted to originally do. The New Year is in full swing! Pre-New Year is a hectic time for many with festivities alongside everyday commitments! Then suddenly it is all over and here we are back to every day routines, whilst recovering from the end of the previous year! So far I have been making time to relax on a daily basis by doing different things like:  Playing actual board games to get my mind active yet having fun through games and problem solving.  Eating and drinking at a slower pace, and not whilst on the go.  Making time to read and write for simply pleasure, not just work related.  Getting active and dancing to my favourite songs and Zumba.