bella dea

Just Adjusting... Hello and Welcome! Now is a time to really put our adjusting to the test (amongst much more), whilst during this global pandemic we face challenges and tragedies that many of us may not have seen on this scale in our lifetime so far. As challenging as all this can be, looking around it is amazing how many of us have within weeks adjusted to a different way of living! Also, seeing the way buildings are being adapted and used to create new hospitals! Walking into a supermarket now and seeing how they have become more orderly in organising their shoppers to protect us and staff. At times it seems easier to adjust or more difficult, as well as anything in between! However, if you look back and think about how much you have adjusted over the past few weeks, what do you notice? I ’ ve gone from serial socialiser to a virtual contact-or! I ’ ve gone from being adventurous outdoors to finding great comfort indoors!