bella dea

Opening Up...! Hello and welcome! Being used to the hustle bustle of buzzing London, it is great to see places slowly opening up after a more stringent lockdown! Previously, being out for only exercise with everything closed or boarded up just took away the life, character and energy of such a busy city! Looking around again now, I feel a sense of relief that things are opening up once again! This got me thinking about ourselves. There are times in my life, particularly in the past where I have not been so open to express my thoughts, feelings, needs and wants and perhaps occupying myself with something else to distract from them or suppressing them. However, that is a recipe for a build up of it all to just erupt in some way! Now, I understand the significance of opening up and expressing my thoughts, feelings, needs and wants instead of holding them back. Likewise, when I coach other people, they often tell me what they have not told anybody else...yet! Their wishes, dreams, feelings, thoughts and much more. It is a privilege for me to work so DEEPLY with people. Have you ever had something to say but never actually said it to anyone? How does that make you feel?