bella dea

Smile...! Hello and Welcome! Face masks have become mandatory in many settings at the moment. So the other day I had to do some shopping and remind myself to wear a face mask in the shops! I had it ready and so put it on, and off I went into the shops. At one point my eye caught the face of a stranger, without a mask on, smiling at me. My first thought was, she ’ s not wearing a mask, but then I remembered to withhold my judgement as perhaps she might be exempt for wearing it for various reasons. Anyway, her smile looked so natural and radiant that I actually could not help smiling back... although I realised she could not see me smiling back! So she looked away, her face back to neutral, none the wiser that I was actually smiling back at her. Serves as a little reminder and note to myself also, to never take a smile for granted! How do you feel when somebody smiles at you? When that stranger smiled at me, for that moment, she made me forget the discomfort of wearing my mask and feel a sense of joy through her warmth...her smile.