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The power to change for the better is within us all ! Determination to achieve your ambitions is within your reach, and you hold the power to change for the better. Bath & Body Care Look after yourself and take time for some self-care and indulge in some pampering. Contents Features Mindfulness & wellbeing Bella Bea gives you a morning affirmation & inspiration to quote to inspire you. Spring Time Humaira Naz, in her column takes a looks at using spring time to organising her life in various ways to helps her prioritise creating a balance. Shoes Bella Dea looks into the importance of shoes this time of year. Although fashion is normally of top priority warmth and practicality are also very important for your every day. Jackets: These Jackets will look fantastic anywhere, but are particularly great for this time of year when style and practicality are so important due to the unpredictable changing weather. Editors Welcome to this bumper fashion April 2021 edition of Bella Dea. This month’s issue is crammed with fashion inspiration to help you look amazing this month as we move into Spring. Dresses If you’re looking for something stylish, whatever the occasion, we’ve got lots of inspiration to help you. Letter