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The power to change for the better is within us all Determination to achieve your ambitions is within your reach, and you hold the power to change for the better. You can start by choosing goals that help you attain your ambition and goals; the goals should be realistic and achievable. Painting the big picture of the change you want to implement in your life creates triggers that makes achieving the goals possible. Moreover, making the goals enjoyable makes it eas- ier to work on them and attain the desired change as you strive to be the best version of yourself. Choosing a Goal That Motivates You Choosing a goal that gravitates towards positive change is essential in implementation change. Your goals should be attainable, specific, measurable, time-bound, and relevant, and they should motivate you to reach the anticipated goals. You can write them down as they feel tangible, allowing you to take steps to realize them. You could start by crossing off one goal after another once you have accomplished them. Goal setting contributes towards change as it creates an ideal future that motivates you to turn the future into a reality. Goals make you know what you want precisely, and it helps you concentrate on making them come into reality. Once you start working on the goals, you de- velop a positive mentality that helps you recognize that you can You can have goals that show the big picture of the change you want in your life, and you can identify large-scale goals and decide how to achieve them. You will also breakdown the larger goals into much smaller goals that are achievable. It is easier to hit your target when you have broken down the goals; finally, you can set a time for each smaller goal and work towards achieving it. achieve the set goals.