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Make the Goals Enjoyable You can start having an ideal vision once you know what you want and manifest it in your life. An ideal vision shows you what you want and why and how to achieve your goals. If something gives you joy and meaning, it might be something that you want in your life and when you describe it in detail, it becomes possible to achieve it. You will know how to Goals can make you happier and brings a sense of inspiration and fo- cus on your goals. Moreover, enjoyable goals are easy to achieve, and they help you know if you are still working on achieving your vision. Contrarily, you can fall into the shiny syndrome when you choose goals that only make you feel good; thus, you should practice restraining. The shiny syndrome can make you focus on what feels interesting only at the time, which might blind you from the long-term goals. You might fail to follow the desired change as you will be tempted to change direction based on what is new in the market. Start by outlin- ing the goals and making them work for you by incorporating fun activ- ities geared towards accomplishing the goals. The steps towards the goals should be fun, even if the particular goal is challenging. When you create the fun needed to make the journey easy, you will likely reach your aim and change your life for the better. Intentional fun when achieving challenging goals can make you feel good, and it becomes motivating and addictive in a positive way. You need the dopamine produced when you engage in the goal accom- plishment as it guides you on how to hit the next goal and achieve more. You will become a happier person when you meet your vision, and it can give you a sense of purpose in life. You will live a life custom- ized towards your goals and values as you will be in control of your actions. You will achieve the things that you love and those that bring value to your life.