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The Bottom Line Life is tricky at it is easy to cling to the things that do not make you happy. You can likely follow other people’s vision when you fail to set your cus- tomized goals. You can intentionally choose to change your life for the better when you set achievable goals that meet your values and beliefs. As you accomplish each fragment of the goals, you learn that the power is in your hands, and this will help you overcome any challenges that you will face in life, and it enables you to achieve anything that you truly want. The power of change lies within your hands and mind, and you have to be zealous to attain change. Moreover, you have to make enjoyable goals that are easy to attain and make a routine that keeps you on track. It is easy to fall into temptation when you have set your goals, but you can come back from the temptations. You can ask your loved ones to keep you on track by reminding you about your commitment. To succeed with your goals, you can set reminders and triggers that help you achieve the goals. When you set goals and decide to intentionally enjoy each step of goal accomplish- ment, you will know that the true power to impact personal change is in your hands.