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The Bottom Line Be Good To Yourself You set the pace for others to treat you based on how you treat yourself. Moreover, it could be wise to avoid self-damaging activities like drinking too much, overeating, and sleeping at late hours while engaging in non-productive activities. You can start by modifying your lifestyle, such as cutting down on alcohol intake, taking frequent breaks when you are overwhelmed, staying hydrated, and getting restful sleep. You will be happier when you take care of yourself and set a pace for others to treat you. Engage In Exercise Physical activities will keep the mind active and make you develop feeling good hormones. Even if you do not want to stay indoors while exercising, you can talk a walk in nature. Walking in nature will high- light other aspects of joy and appreciation of nature. While exercises you could develop mindfulness through Yoga, meditation can open doors for positive vibes. For instance, you can practice loving-kindness meditation, which increases personal resources and well-being. Creating happiness starts with self-care and contentment and creating realistic dreams and goals that guide your life. You can start by being good to yourself as it sets standards on how others will treat you and makes you feel fulfilled. It is wise to engage in exercises, enrich your life with knowledge. It could help if you were mindful as it creates gratitude and changes your perspective on how to treat others posi- tively. Finally, being good to yourself helps you gain confidence and can add more sparks to your life.