bella dea

Moments of Mindful Joy! Hello and welcome! How does this sound? Travelling abroad to exotic lands! Sight seeing and seeking new adventures. Being surrounded by sunny skies and crystal clear blue seas! Sounds like what I would often dream about whilst working full time and waiting for the holidays to arrive! Yet, over the years and even through the pandemic, I have found ways to make each day more joyful, even through the apparently more mundane days. Being mindful, whereby awareness is focussed on the present, can heighten your sense of joy and appreciation for the present moment. For example: • On those wet, rainy days, finding joy in splashing through the puddles to snuggling up in a blanket with a warm brew. Really noticing and paying attention to the sights, scents, sounds and tastes experienced. • When being alone, finding moments to enjoy the silence, whilst noticing and appreciating your surroundings and even your breath. Gently inhaling and exhaling as you breathe, with awareness. • Whilst doing chores from cooking to cleaning, doing it with attention and focus, noticing the movements