bella dea

Questioning! Hello and Welcome! The other day on my weekly shopping trip, I had a few extra errands to do along the way. Walking on my usual path, along my usual route, I almost forgot to do my extra errands until my friend asked me “What did you say you had to do?” With this question, I turned back and thankfully remembered what I had to do! Then I left for home, feeling satisfied that I had met and remembered my goals for the day! The point is, sometimes we can end up floating through life, almost like a ‘ passive passenger ’ , doing the regular things we always do. Yet at times it is important to pause, reflect and question ourselves. Through being coached and coaching others, the importance of questioning, challenge and having accountability for goals set has really become apparent to me and those I work with. Some choices we make are comfortable and they work. Sometimes within that comfort, there is a niggling feeling that something is missing. Where is that feeling like something is missing, coming from? Perhaps it is coming from an unmet need, feeling unfulfilled or anything else?