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Create self-affirmation strategies that help you get focused on the goals, and you can repeat the affirmation to yourself frequently. When you repeat the affirmation to yourself every day, you might be sur- prised how fast you will make the new habit stick. The repetitive affir- mation can include words that make you want to accomplish the goal. For instance, if you want to lose weight, your affirmation should em- phasize the amount of exercise you achieve in a single day and the di- et that helps you achieve the desired weight loss. Reward yourself for practicing the change you wanted for your life; each reward acts as an affirmation to practice the new behavior. The reward becomes a positive association with the new behavior, and it creates a new unconscious will to engage in the behavior actively. The positive consequences of acting on the new behavior make you decide upon engaging in a new activity, leading to change. Visualize Your Ideal Future When visualizing an ideal future, you start by making a vision board that makes a physical representation of the goals you would want to achieve. You start collecting images, art, and words representing the change you want in your life. You will see the board every day, and it reminds you of what you want for your life. You could start by medi- tating, which is a guided relaxation that tunes your mind towards your goals. You can make a ritual by listening to your mind, and it could help you create a routine. When your vision board is within your reach at any time, it becomes easy to memorize the goals and remind yourself about the changes you want in your life. You can make stickers that show the accomplish- ment you have done and the ideas that should be implemented next. You can fix the stickers on the board, and they will act as a guide to goal accomplishment. Moreover, the vision board should have space for affirmation texts and helpful notes on the things you learn on your journey to the new change.